DURU RFID Sterilization Management System

DURU RFID Sterilization Management System



What is DURU?

Unlike conventional methods such as square coding, color labeling, it uses the speed and advantages of RFID technology to manage surgical instrument sterilization processes. System provides the application of the IoT (Internet of Things) revolution in sterilization processes with RFID tags appropriate technical characteristics fixed on them without damaging the surgical instruments.

What it does?

Duru has been designed with qualitative and parametric structure that can meet the needs of many businesses in different fields.

City Hospitals
Government Hospitals
University Hospitals
Private Hospitals
Dental Hospitals
All institutions that include sterilization system

What t does?

The system also provides sterilization processes to participate in the health institution information habitat as a complete package solution by meeting the work flow, management and reporting needs of the sterilization unit with current technologies and integrated with thrid party information management systems.

Health issues caused by preventable errors, such as deaths,disabilities etc. can be because of forgotten a foreign object in patient body. There are many cases like this in Turkey and around the World. Deaths caused by this issue, brings punishment,physical or spiritual cost. Results of the cases show how important it is.

If we consider a completion phase of a surgical operation, before ending the operation, staff will be able to count surgical instruments. In this way there will be no case like a surgical instrument is forgotten in patient body or it is missing. This provides the work safety,increase the corporation
prestige and helps to prevent the issues that we mentioned. The system provides expandation from central sterilization unit to whole instution with this technology. Managing the workflow will be easier and more efficiency.



RFID tags are adhesived to surgical instruments with a special adhesive. Since laser engraving process is not required, they do not pose any health risks by damaging the surface of the instrument.

Surgical instruments that are given to dirty section might have blood,tissue or some objects on it. Through RFID technology, counting process will not be affected. Precleaning will not be required so time will not be wasted.

Square codes are very small that’s why most of the time users are facing with set counting and validation problem on surgical instrument. Since RFID is used, the size of the tags will not be important.

If a surgical instrument is not in where it is belong (might be forgotten in patient body or lost), with using RFID detector finding surgical instrument is very easy without any eye contact.

Typical RFID reading process can read up to 600 pieces in a second. Also you can read all surgical instrument at a time. This helps staff to gain time.

Surgcal Instrument


RFID tags are fixed to surgical instruments with a special adhesive. Under normal conditions, it is almost impossible to remove the labels from the tool without breaking them. Adhesion tests have shown that labels still have the same strength, even after 1000 autoclave cycles. It does not have a negative effect on the use of operators with its small dimensions.

Feel the power of RFID Technology


Set counting and validation is extremely fast with devices can read up to 600 pieces in a second. Through RFID detector you can find the missing surgical instrument without any eye contact


Innovative Design

System provides workflow process completely graphically on user interface. Minimizes the adaptation time of new employee, maximizes the staff’s efficiency. Decrease process time, increase staff’s focus on work.


Visual Recognition and Counting

For materials, one or more images can be assigned from Image Catalog. Visual details of the materials are presented in the counting screens thus the workload of the employee is reduced and possible errors are prevented.

Touch Screen

System is designed to be used entirely with touch screens. By presenting the messages explaining all processes and remarkable warnings graphically, it is aimed for the employee to do their jobs in the easiest way and the new employee to adapt in the fastest way.


Detailed configuration options allow system to read under the toughest conditions


Tagless tracking for some instruments that RFID tag can not be mounted


Fully support for materials that square codes are scraped before


RFID tags do not affect the surgeons with its small size

Machine Park

Washing unit, autoclave, other sterilization equipment and all types of device or equipment used can be registered in the system. Necessary receipts can be created for devices that are malfunctioned or need maintenance. Thus management of the transactions is provided.


Disinfection Implementation

By entering the desired number of sites for each customer, the parts to be disinfected at the relevant site and the disinfectants to be used can be defined. Users can enter the disinfection processes in the system via the front / back office or mobile application.


Lost and Defective Instruments

During counting process, maintenance, repair or disposal can be applied to instrument that is marked as defective or lost. All transactions related to the instruments are recorded and can be traced retrospectively.

Inventory Tracking


During sterile delivery and disinfection processes an optional waybill can be created. Dispatches entered automatically or manually can be invoiced to the relevant current account.All chemicals, indicators, consumption/consumable materials that used in the business can be record as purchase or sales invoices. Also with receipts like consumables, wastage, deficiencies or excess, inventory can be traced.

Everywhere in the Field

With Mobile Application

Mobile RFID reader allows you to take record for each process like operating room, outpatient clinic at places. The transactions recorded with the NFC card reading feature can be recorded in a mutual record without the need for a wet signature. Offline stored data is automatically transferred to the central system when online.


What? Where?

All sets and materials coming to defined warehouses are included in the inventory and the contents of the warehouse are taken under control. It is possible to monitor all movements by transferring between dirty and sterile warehouses.

Integrated Web Services

Advanced Web service structure makes possible to transfer data to third party software. In addition, system can generate alarm for third party alarm systems (entrance / exit doors, etc.) for registered RFID codes optionally by making instant queries 24/7 via web services.

Beyond the Standards


Merkezi raporlama sistemi içerisinde önceden tanımlanmış olarak gelen raporların yanı sıra SQL sorguları ile yeni raporlar, filtreler ve grafikler tanımlanabilir. Rapor sonuçları pivot tablolar ile özelleştirilerek analiz yapılabilir.

Customizable Prints

Multiple different designs can be created for all reports and outputs. Results obtained in tabular form can be converted into graphical outputs. All reports can be converted to different formats such as Excel, Word, PDF etc.

Records Everything

Event Manager (LOG)

All transactions performed on the system are recorded simultaneously in the event manager. Who, where, when, what questions can be answered in the event viewer.

Standartların Çok Ötesinde

Authorization and Control

Users can access only certain parts of the system and perform the specified functions by distinguishing the same day or different days with detailed authorization groups.


General Features

It saves time and operating resources by shortening the reading, counting, verification process times up to 90% with RFID technology.
By offering work flow processes with a completely visual interface, it minimizes the staff training and adaptation process, and shortens the processing times and increases the focus of the staff on their work.
NFC card reading feature reduces chosing staff and login duration to almost zero.
Separates front and back office processes to prevent confusion.
Provides full control over users with highly detailed authorization system.
It provides on-site and timely control by spreading business processes throughout the field with mobile application.
Demonstrates who did what and when with detailed event management.
Detailed reporting system provides maximum support to administrative and decision processes with the ability to create personal custom reports or designs.
With its parametric structure, it offers solutions to different needs of different institutions and organizations from a single point.


Back Office

System Parameters
Authorization Groups
RFID Blacklist
Instrument Picture Catalog
Report Designs
Cycle Management
Disinfection Procedures
Defective & Lost Instrument Management
Repair & Disposal Procedures
Equipment Operations
Equipment Failure Records
Price Groups
Sterilization Baskets
Equipment Program Definitions
Equipment Operation Definitions
Equipment Descriptions

Material Descriptions
Service Definitions
Local Usage Types
Disinfectant Definitions
Set Template Definitions
Set Definitions
Current Account Definitions
Service Definitions
Employee Definitions
Location Definitions
Cash Definitions
Cash Transactions
Current Account Transactions
Packing Slips
Stock Transactions
Central reporting system
Custom reports


Front Office

Dirty receiving
Codeless dirty receiving
Receiving from Packing Section
Washing input / output
Autoclave input / output
Unsuccessful sterilization renewal

Sterilization timeout
Transfers between warehouses
Solution input / output
Association with patient file
Disinfection procedures
Textile input / output
Emergency set tracking
Equipment maintenance tracking




856 - 928 Mhz

RFID Chip Features

Class I Gen 2 ISO-18000-6C


25mm x 1.5mm x 1.5mm



Reading Range


Usage Type

On Metal

Max. Heat Resistance

185° C



Maxmum Capacty

High Speed

Readers can read between 860 – 960 Mhz and up to 600 tags per second. The system has advanced reading capability with detailed antenna and signal strength options, can improve the reading function and obtain the maximum reading efficiency even in difficult physical conditions.


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