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Electronic Ticket System

Electronic Ticket System started to be developed in 2002 in order to organize a structure based on paper, pen and clerk, where computers are not used, except for a few travel companies.
Based on ease of use, the way of working with paper and pencil was created exactly in the computer environment by preventing deficiencies and leaks. In this way, the integration of companies that are accustomed to the way of working, called black order, into the system has been facilitated and accelerated.

The software system, which was developed in order to end the account confusion in the sector, continues to be actively developed in accordance with the changing market conditions and regulations.

E-Ticket System is successfully used by many national and international companies at nearly 200 points.

E-Ticket System application, with its parametric structure, can meet the needs of many businesses in different categories.

Companies with D1 authorization certificate for scheduled passenger transportation
Companies with D2 authorization certificate for incidental passenger transportation
Companies engaged in international passenger transport
Travel, tour etc. Municipalities, Tourism Agencies etc. engaged in passenger transport.
All businesses that make reservation and ticketing operations on a specific vehicle scheme


Unlike common single interface software in the market, E-Ticket System stands out with its unique design.

It is aimed to provide the most appropriate coloring and display structure so that employees can easily read the voyages at first glance and analyze the in-vehicle sales situation at a glance. Different colored seats for different types of transactions such as male and female transactions, reservations, tickets, seats full from the road and guest tickets, terminals, agencies, internet sales, third party agency transactions, different icons for disabled, student and child discount sales and many more details. Understanding the expedition plan has become much simpler.

Details such as ticket and reservation details, vehicle and movement information, general and special voyage notes are presented on the same screen as the itinerary. In this way, access to all information related to the voyage is accelerated, saving time and labor.



It works fully integrated with U-ETDS and HES Code system.

During the invoicing of any voyage, line, vehicle and passenger information is automatically transmitted to the ministry’s infrastructure. Reference numbers provided by the Ministry are displayed on the screen.

Against the access problems that may be experienced in the U-ETDS system, the pool structure enables the information to be integrated into the system at a later time when it is accessible.

In transactions made through office, web, mobile and third-party ticket sales systems, if necessary, the passengers can enter their HES Code and the necessary controls for safe travel are made automatically.

After the ticket is sold, the HES codes of the passengers on the relevant voyage are checked in certain periods until the time of the voyage. Necessary warnings are displayed on the screen for passengers who have become RISKY to travel until the time of the trip. In this way, RISK passengers are detected and the trip can be canceled.


With its multi-language support, ease of use is provided for companies with branches in different countries. A different language can be specified for each sales point in different locations.

It is possible to enter nationality and passport information for foreign passengers. In addition, the workload can be reduced by accelerating information entry with special passport reader devices.

A different working currency can be determined for each branch. With the integrated exchange rate support, the price lists can be collected in real time by converting them into the currency of the branch that makes the transaction during the sale.



Developed for Android and IOS mobile devices, the application works in real time integration with the system. All transactions made via the mobile application are reflected in the sales system at the same time, preventing duplicate transactions.

Mobile applications can be published in Android and IOS stores with the companies’ own names and logos.

Via the mobile application, information such as trip inquiries, ticket sales, membership transactions, and past transactions can be accessed.


It is possible for companies to make sales on the internet with their own logos and names. Internet sales are integrated with the system in real time. All transactions made over the Internet are reflected in the sales system at the same time, preventing duplicate transactions. In addition, thanks to a module developed for companies’ own websites, sales system integration can be made.

The refund of the sales made over the Internet can be made directly from the application to the user’s credit card with the virtual pos integration.

Commission can be obtained from tickets sold on behalf of branches other than the center.



The system can be integrated with third party ticket sales systems such as oBilet, BiletAll.

Desired trips can be opened for sale or closed for sale in these systems at desired date intervals.

Separate price lists can be set for third party sales systems.


The developed mobile application can be used to make reservations and ticket sales in the vehicle and anywhere with internet access using any android mobile device or specially obtained mobile devices with thermal printers.

Mobile agency application, the ticket sales made on the road can be recorded in the system instantly, preventing lost and illegal transactions.

Cash system in practice, vehicle cash management can be kept under control.

Transfer of GPS signals to the central system, the instant status of the vehicle or the mobile device used can be displayed on the map.



Companies can register members with their member cards that they can print or only with their identification numbers. Member groups can be defined for different discount agreements that companies can make with different communities. Members who can be included in a certain group can collect points as they make transactions and travel for free when their points exceed the specified lower limit.

In addition, by registering members on the website, it is ensured that the members can view their transactions themselves.

The membership system also prevents the passengers who prefer the company frequently entering their information over and over again every time. Fast ticket sales can be made via member information via shortcuts on ticket sales screens.

When registering members, a birthday message can be sent to members automatically with their mobile phone numbers.


A single point billing solution is offered for different companies with different working and calculation cultures with detailed account parameters that can be made on the basis of company and branch.

roportional or fixed determination of deductions such as commission, labor, service that can be customized on the basis of branch or route
Determination of different deduction rates for different levels of total revenues
Post-account tickets are added to the account at the next time of the vehicle
Remaining passenger tickets will be deducted from the account for the next flight of the vehicle
Insurance policy per ticket is deducted and reflected in the account
The ticket expense (head, soup fee) is determined and deducted from the vehicle account
Getting commissions at determined rates for internet, mobile tickets, credit card sales
The ability to deduct sales and internet sales made on behalf of different branches from the vehicle account and follow up by the central accounting
The ability to offset the sales made by the branch that issued the account on behalf of a different branch by paying to the vehicle account
To be able to determine the complimentary items and reflect them to the account
Ensuring the current offset of the branch or vehicle by making the vehicles under or overpayment
In addition to basic options such as printing a bill of accounts, invoicing operations can be carried out in computer environment with many alternative calculation parameters.



Promotions can be applied to ticket prices on certain dates.

To be valid in certain branches, trips or seats; Discounted ticket sales can be defined for the first “n” number of tickets to be sold for the voyage or for some fixed seats.


All transactions made by the salespeople during the shift are reflected to the cash accounts in the form of income and expense in certain items, and the account is delivered by taking a printout at the end of the shift.
Extra income or expense items can be added to the cash register, staff can transfer money between them or to accounting. Whether the cash register system can be used or not, staff can write expenses,All transactions such as transfers are used by authorization.



For the agents selling on behalf of the companies, the documents such as tickets and invoices to be sent can be allocated to the relevant agency on the basis of serial number and validity date range.

It can be ensured that sales agents can only use tickets or invoices that have been debited to them. Usage reports can be obtained regarding the debit documents.


E-Ticket System has been made to have a detailed parameter and authorization structure that can meet the different needs of many different companies with numerous updates and improvements over the years.

Large number of configuration options on the basis of branches, agencies and users, companies can achieve the exact result they want.



Automatic SMS sending can be made at the office, web or mobile ticket sales, reservation transactions or member birthdays via SMS subscription that the business has an agreement with or can be obtained from our company.

Passengers with certain criteria can be sent a bulk SMS as a report.

SMS templates can be determined separately for each SMS type. SMS profiles can be defined for different branches for different subscriptions.


MRZ codes in the passport and new generation IDs, information such as the passenger’s name, ID / passport can be instantly transferred to the computer environment with devices specially produced for this process.

E-Ticket System provides full support to common MRZ reader devices, alleviating the workload of the personnel and preventing possible backlogs at vehicle departure time.



Support is available for all brands and models of dot matrix, thermal, laser or inkjet printers.

Different ESC / P commands can be used for different types of dot matrix printer. Different ticket and invoice designs can be created for each branch, agency or printer type.



All operations performed on the system are simultaneously recorded in the event manager. The answers to the questions of who, where, when, what did they do can be found in the event viewer.



Detailed Expedition report
Expedition totals
Expedition revenue report
Travel commission report
Expedition vehicle actual report
Expedition branch actual report

Detailed ticket report
Ticket totals
Internet ticket totals
Post-dated ticket list
Post-dated ticket totals
Detailed cash transaction report

Detailed cash transaction report
Cash transaction totals
Detailed cash balance report
Cash balance totals
Detailed passenger list
Passenger phone list


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